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April 9th, Weekly Update podcast

The latest and greatest from Trying to Follow, now in podcast form. This 15 minute update fills you in on this week’s blog post and let’s you know if you want to spend time checking more of it out.

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April 2nd, Weekly update podcast

Once again I’m here to bring you the latest at Trying to Follow. The current update only includes five posts, but they are some good ones.

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Weekly Update podcast

This might actually become a continual thing. The podcast is about ten minutes long and it’s just me briefly going over the posts that I wrote this past week. I only cover a tiny bit of what they are each about, but you can read them below if it peaks your interest.

If your listening to this let me know what you think. Should I go more indepth? Should I add other things? Let me know.

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Thanks for listening!

Soulforce and Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)

This week Ariah and Zach come to you very clearly (maybe even from the same room). The topic conversations are on Soulforce and Socially Responsible Investing, to unrelated topics (though they both start with “S”) but a very interesting podcast nonetheless.

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Some Brief Shownotes:

  • Zach and Ariah share why they sound so clear on this podcast
  • We talk about Soulforce.
  • Particularly about the Freedom Ride to Wheaton.
  • Why’s all this so important to Christianity and us Wheaton alum?
  • Live phone call from last podcast’s Friend of the week!
  • Zach shares the Myth of the Week (it’s about an egg).
  • A brief discussion about Socially Responsible Investing.
  • Are SRI’s better then making lot’s of money and giving it to good causes?
  • Friend of the Week: ____ _______ (You’ll have to listen to find out.

Weekly Audio Summary

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This is the first of what I hope will be a regular weekly audio summary. I know there are a number of people out there who are more interested in listening to things rather then reading them. I’m going to try and sum up the things that I have written throughout the week in a short and concise audio summary. I’ll point out the comments that have been made a give a little of my reaction to them. Basically it’s just a chance to update our audio subscribers to what’s happening on the blog.

Interview with Adria : Coffee Lover Extraordinaire

After a morning hanging out with Adria and helping her get ready to do her own podcast I couldn’t let her go with out you getting a chance to hear a little from her and some of the things she’s interested in. I hope you enjoy Adria’s podcasting debut and stay tuned for links to her upcoming podcasts.

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  • Adria shares her thoughts on fair trade coffee and Bongo Java’s story.
  • You hear it hear first: Adria’s business venture
  • Adria has a long line of entrepenuers in her family

Read more of Adria’s Thoughts, writings, and soon to be Podcast:

The Pacifism discussion begins.

This discussion is sure to create some interesting feedback and debate. Zach brings up some questions about Pacifism, which Ariah tries to address. No script, no agenda, so it get’s a little off on tangents.
This is only half of the show, the second part of this discussion will air next week. And then we’ll continue to discuss pacifism and the Bible as long as there is interest.

We’ve also added to exciting parts to our show: Myth of the Week and the Friend Spotlight!
You could be the Friend of the week and if you are, you’ll win a BIG prize! Listen in and see if your this weeks big winner!

Please send your feedback and thoughts to or call and leave an audio message at (615)349-1210

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Brief shownotes:
-Ariah and Zach discuss Pacifism
-Myth of the Week: ?
-Friend Spotlight: ? Could you be our big winner?!

Disclaimer: No animals where hurt in the making of this podcast

Interview with Peter Amico about AIDS

I had the great opportunity to talk with my friend Peter Amico on the other side of the globe in China! I decided to do a short interview with him so that he could share his story with a great audience. Here’s a brief interview with him, which I’m sure I will do more of in the months to come.

NOTE: The quality of the podcast is quite clear considering the long distance connection. However, the recording software caused some overlap of my and Peter’s voices. Though a little distracting, you should know that Peter wasn’t constantly interrupting me before I finished my question, and I was listening and answering quickly (not five seconds late). I hope you can still enjoy the podcast.

Or Download the podcast here.

Please Take a minute and stop by the site:
Peter’s AIDS Fund

Peter wants to remind you to check out Isaiah 1:11-17

Tackling Bible Translation

Ariah and Zach discuss Bible translations and whether Ariah should be reading through The Message as his Bible reading this year.

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Some of the Show Notes:

  • Zach explains the types of translations
  • Why The Message is not really The Bible
  • How do we decide what is “Scripture?”
  • Thoughts on the TNIV
  • Should we be reading the Bible ONLY in Greek and Hebrew
  • Should God be referred to as a “He.” or a “She?”
  • The danger of putting “interpretation” into the translation.
  • Why did God use the language that was used in the original text?

This is a pretty controversial podcast, please post your thoughts and comments below, or email, or even call with and leave a message: 615-349-1210

Fair Trade Interview with Eric Odier-Fink of The Justice Clothing Company

I had the wonderful opportunity this morning of interviewing Eric Odier-Fink of The Justice Clothing Company. Eric graciously gave me a bit of his time to answer some questions about Justice Clothing, Sweatshops, Unions and Fair Trade.

or Download the Podcast Here.

Show Notes:

00:24 Why did you start The Justice Clothing Company?

  • “It really started out of Frustration.”
  • The idea for the Justice Clothing Company was born around 1996 when we met and, among other things, began shopping together. (from the website)

  • “The US is predominately sweatshop in it’s apperal production.”
  • 1998- Received Catalogs from Union companies (King Louie clothing, Nemisis and Windjammers)
  • “Is there Anywhere in the United States for me to buy your gear?”
  • “These where companies that where absolutely clean.”

03:15 Working with Union Companies

  • “We only work with Union Companies”
  • Tried to work with Non-Union (ended well before they began selling their gear).
  • Ben and Jerry’s as a Non-Union example
  • Non-Union companies weren’t willing to meet their conditions

06:30 Talking about American Apparel

  • Discussed working with American-Apparel (It didn’t work out, and it was clearly for the best)
  • American-Apperal’s Ugly Union busting Article
  • AA’s Sexist ads and Sexual Harrasment
  • American Apparel makes clothes, Justice Clothing sells clothes (that union companies make).

11:00 The importance of Unions

  • “Unions are the only thing responsible for prosperity in the United States.”
  • “Unions bring together workers who, individually, don’t really have any power.”
  • “The only power a worker has, is to stop the work that they do.”
  • Eric tells the story of his grandfather being almost “worked to death.”
  • Why Unions improve companies and the quality of products.

14:45 Justice Clothing becoming a Cooperative

  • No longer “Employer, employees.”
  • Expanding to others outside the business
  • A few “not really for the radio” details about the Co-op.

18:15 Dealing with your overwhelming closet full of sweatshop clothing

22:45 What’s your take on Thrift Stores

  • Usually fronts for organizations that feed and cloth people
  • It’s Recycling!
  • It’s not contributing to the sweatshop industry
  • The Balance is that people need to work and somethings will need to be bought new, That’s where Justice Clothing comes in.

26:00 Why pay more Money for fair trade clothing?

  • Sustainable economies
  • Why Not to Contribute to Walmart (articles 1, 2)

29:45 An appeal to people of Faith

  • “Buying sweatshop stuff is against my religion”
  • “You know your buying stuff that is moral”

* Want to Read some more about this? Eric Suggests:

one I will point out is a magazine-size booklet published by the Progressive Jewish Alliance called “No Schvitz”– it’s a great primer on the history and current situation with sweatshops, with a focus on Jewish involvement (on all sides).