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I am African: Is it accomplishing it’s goals or just offensive?

I heard about and read some commentary concerning a recent ad campaign I thought I should share with you.

Mixed Media Watch – tracking media representations of mixed people

I was surprised to learn that supermodel Iman is behind those “I Am African” ads fetauring Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Jessica Parker and other, mostly white, celebs in faux tribal makeup. As Global Ambassador for Keep A Child Alive, an organization that provides medication to African children with HIV/AIDS, she created the campaign to call attention to the plight of those who cannot afford lifesaving drugs. She states on keepachildalive.org that “each and everyone of us contains DNA that can be traced back to our African ancestors.” So this is why we should care about the issue? What aboout compassion, empathy and commitment to social justice?

The Eikon Project: David’s traveling South Africa

At the beginning of 2006, I joined forces with my friend, Peter, to start an initiative to raise funds to help address the AIDS Crisis that is facing a small village in South Africa (and the rest of the world). The team now includes Josh & David. We are trying to make the needs of these communities available through video, pictures and stories. We want you to be able to see the needs there are and then pool your resources to address it and then see that need met.

It’s an exciting project to be a part of and I’d LOVE for you to subscribe to the Eikon Project Blog. Please visit the site and help spread the word.

Update Via email:

Peter in the Paper

Peter's AIDS Talk

I figured I needed to get this posted sometime soon. This is my friend, Peter. He’s some what of a celebrity in China these days. You see he went to South Africa and saw first hand some of the ravaging effects of AIDS in that country. Then he went back to China and started telling folks about it. He’s taught his classes about it (He teaches English at one of the Universities). He’s talked to lecture halls full of doctor’s and nurses.
All that to say, Peter really cares about helping fight the pandemic of AIDS. I’m hoping to help him do that. Sometime this summer or fall we’ll be launching a non-profit focused on addressing just that issue.

UPDATE: Peter is continue to work and further his education to help address this issue, but we are no longer working on the Non-profit front. Thanks for your support.

Interview with Peter Amico about AIDS

I had the great opportunity to talk with my friend Peter Amico on the other side of the globe in China! I decided to do a short interview with him so that he could share his story with a great audience. Here’s a brief interview with him, which I’m sure I will do more of in the months to come.

NOTE: The quality of the podcast is quite clear considering the long distance connection. However, the recording software caused some overlap of my and Peter’s voices. Though a little distracting, you should know that Peter wasn’t constantly interrupting me before I finished my question, and I was listening and answering quickly (not five seconds late). I hope you can still enjoy the podcast.

Or Download the podcast here.

Please Take a minute and stop by the site:
Peter’s AIDS Fund

Peter wants to remind you to check out Isaiah 1:11-17