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The following is a paid review:

I’ve been using WordPress to host my blog since 2005. Without a doubt I am a huge fan of WordPress and the open source community of developers that make it as versatile as it is.  One such site has been previously run by Small Potato. The site changed owners earlier this year and is now owned by a guy named Pawel Ciszewski. Apparently, since purchasing the site in March and posting an introductory post there has not been much activity at WPdesigner. The site was one of the most popular wordpress related sites out there and still has some great free themes that Small Potato created before leaving. The real potential of the site was in the WordPress Theme club, the idea being a subscription based club which gave you access to hundreds of high quality wordpress themes. It would have been an inticing purchase had it gotten off the ground. From the looks of the site there is some revamping going on, so you’ll have to check it out in the next month or so to see what changes are made. The site is advertising both WordPress themes and web hosting now so it might be worth a peek if your looking for a new web host.

Identification with the Poor

“Our children need to join us in this ministry of identification (with the poor). We do them no favor by hiding them from suffering and need. If we imprison them in ghettos of affluence, how can they learn compassion for the broken of the world? So, let us walk hand in hand with our children into pockets of misery and suffering.”
-Richard Foster in Freedom of Simplicity