Welcome to my blog!

You’ve most likely arrived here after seeing my article on Relevantmagazine.com. I’m quite surprised they posted my article as it’s a little more radical then I think the mainstream they are trying to target, but they did nonetheless.
I’d like to write a bit more for Relevant and other publications if the opportunity arises. I don’t feel like I’m an amazingly gifted writer; it’s not how I write that is intriguing. Rather, I think I’m saying things other Christians aren’t saying; it’s what I’m writing that is capturing attention.
If you like the article please be sure to comment on Relevant’s website on the article, so that they know you want to hear more of that type of writing. Also, feel free to subscribe to my blog, as I’ll post here much more often then you’ll see articles of mine on the Relevant website.
Be sure to tell your friends about the article as well! I’d really appreciate all the support I can get. I’m not really interested in making a name for myself, but I’d like to encourage magazines like Relevant and other pop culture Christian groups to consider seriously the issues of social justice and how are love for God and one another is to be displayed in our lives.


It’s just better

So after some friends candidly pointed out to me that they weren’t able to subscribe to my blog I decided I should probably see what my site looks like on an internet explorer browser. My site looked horrible! Now I know that means it’s my job to get it all fixed up right and looking pretty for everyone who comes across it, but it also made me realize something:

Firefox is just better.

No offense to you Microsoft fans, but it’s time to branch out. Do your life a favor and download firefox.

Pacifism works.

You’ve probably heard about the murder rampage that happened in Atlanta over the weekend. Probably also thought like most folks that this person was an evil horrible criminal, not a human.

Anyways, thought you would be touched by this account of Brian Nichols:


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Welcome to my new blog!

So in light of recent events, mainly being published, I thought I should start a blog that had a defined purpose, speaking about things that I want to be writing about. Maybe not just speaking, but talking too. The focus being specifically on Christians and how we should be, and probably are not, living. Hope that’s a good way to start.

And to the Relevant Mag folks out there… I know I don’t have many credentials, but I’d sure like to write a book. keep me in your list please…