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Relevant removes it’s incriminating Radiant Ad

Okay, so the title here is a little harsh, but you’ve got to wonder. I’m listening to the Radiant Podcast to say if they say anything about it. From what I can see they decided to remove the ad with “It’s Our Turn Now” across the top. I’d like to think it has something to do with the discussion that was started here regarding the sexist implications of that statement.
Radiant's new Ad
I emailed Cara and asked what she thought about my thoughts on it, but it doesn’t seem like she responded at all. It could be purely coincidence that the Ad has been changed, but that’s just a little suspicious. Oh well, I think it will remain a mystery.

UPDATE: Though I never got a direct response on the ad change, Cameron (Prez over at Relevant) did reply with some thoughtful comments on my Message Board post.

Already Forgotten?

Article Banner

Today, a day to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I wrote another article for Relevant Magazine concerning King’s legacy and it’s impact today. Read it here.

If upon reflecting on King and his legacy, you only naively rejoiced that his “dream” has been accomplished, but did not weep at the complacency of we the Church in carrying out the work that King, in Christ, called us to, you are deceived.

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Some Recent Writings…

Fair Trade at the Supermarket Article 850 Words of Relevant Article
So I recently wrote an article for Relevantmagazine.com about Fair Trade. It’s evoked a bit of discussion in the comments section.

Sometime later today another article of mine should be posted concerning New Years Resolutions. What’s exciting about that article is that it was rewritten by one of the Relevant Editors and was featured as the main article on 850 Words of Relevant, Relevant’s Email Newsletter. I’m VERY excited about this as it means thousands of subscribers just had an article with my name on it emailed directly to them. You can’t buy that kind of promotion.

If you’ve come to this site after reading either of those articles, welcome. Please do take a moment and post a comment below, or drop me an email.

[Fair Trade at the Supermarket]

This might not be Relevant

If your seeing this site you’ve probably wandered over from the newly launched RelevantMagazine.com website after reading my article on the site.

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WARNING: This blog is by no means guaranteed to be relevant to you or your family, or your friends, or your religion, or your job, or your hobbies, but I’ll sure try.


Welcome to my blog!

You’ve most likely arrived here after seeing my article on Relevantmagazine.com. I’m quite surprised they posted my article as it’s a little more radical then I think the mainstream they are trying to target, but they did nonetheless.
I’d like to write a bit more for Relevant and other publications if the opportunity arises. I don’t feel like I’m an amazingly gifted writer; it’s not how I write that is intriguing. Rather, I think I’m saying things other Christians aren’t saying; it’s what I’m writing that is capturing attention.
If you like the article please be sure to comment on Relevant’s website on the article, so that they know you want to hear more of that type of writing. Also, feel free to subscribe to my blog, as I’ll post here much more often then you’ll see articles of mine on the Relevant website.
Be sure to tell your friends about the article as well! I’d really appreciate all the support I can get. I’m not really interested in making a name for myself, but I’d like to encourage magazines like Relevant and other pop culture Christian groups to consider seriously the issues of social justice and how are love for God and one another is to be displayed in our lives.