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Images to challenge and inspire for Earth Day

Earth Day is tomorrow and I don’t think enough people know or care about it. So I thought I’d drop a few pictures in that might inspire you a little.

(March 6) Greenpeace protests against bigger deforestation of the last years in the region of Santarém.

In a remote area of the forest, 120 km of Santarém, in Pará, inhabitants of communities in the region and Greenpeace had protested today against the deforestation. The group of 50 people travelled about 5 hours in precarious conditions arriving at an area of 1.650 hectares
totally devastated. There, the group opened a banner of 2.500 square meters with the message “100% Crime” and planted some trees. In accordance with the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Natural resources, this is the biggest deforestation of the region in last the seven years.  (via. Houtlust)


I thought I’d inquiry my readership before I come to a decision on this.
I don’t spend an insane amount of time writing, but it would be nice to have some compensation. I currently have google adwords at http://iamnotashamed.net and they result in a check every once in a while. I’ve been considering putting the ads on here as well.
All that would mean is the simple text ads in the side bar and sprinkled through out the post. Hopefully not too distracting to regular readers, but a good financial option for myself.

Is anyone horribly opposed to me putting ads on this site?

That being said, would anyone consider “subscribing” if I made a subscription type of posting series? I’m not sure how that would work. Maybe sponsorship would be a better term. Like a small donation every so often from my regular readers? I’m not sure about that because I personally don’t like paying for anything (problem I know).

Hoping to hear my readers thoughts.

Relevant removes it’s incriminating Radiant Ad

Okay, so the title here is a little harsh, but you’ve got to wonder. I’m listening to the Radiant Podcast to say if they say anything about it. From what I can see they decided to remove the ad with “It’s Our Turn Now” across the top. I’d like to think it has something to do with the discussion that was started here regarding the sexist implications of that statement.
Radiant's new Ad
I emailed Cara and asked what she thought about my thoughts on it, but it doesn’t seem like she responded at all. It could be purely coincidence that the Ad has been changed, but that’s just a little suspicious. Oh well, I think it will remain a mystery.

UPDATE: Though I never got a direct response on the ad change, Cameron (Prez over at Relevant) did reply with some thoughtful comments on my Message Board post.