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Indoor Composting Instructions

My wife, Mindy, wrote an article about Indoor composting at

When my husband, Ariah, asked me if I wouldn’t mind trying to compost inside our apartment I had some visions of sharing our apartment with overgrown, slimy, yucky little critters. I envisioned dirt everywhere and a huge mess with rotting food smell to boot. It turns out that I was wrong, and we have about 500 little clean worms under our sink contained in a wonderful home-made little composting system that (my happiest little part) DOES NOT smell!

Images to challenge and inspire for Earth Day

Earth Day is tomorrow and I don’t think enough people know or care about it. So I thought I’d drop a few pictures in that might inspire you a little.

(March 6) Greenpeace protests against bigger deforestation of the last years in the region of Santarém.

In a remote area of the forest, 120 km of Santarém, in Pará, inhabitants of communities in the region and Greenpeace had protested today against the deforestation. The group of 50 people travelled about 5 hours in precarious conditions arriving at an area of 1.650 hectares
totally devastated. There, the group opened a banner of 2.500 square meters with the message “100% Crime” and planted some trees. In accordance with the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Natural resources, this is the biggest deforestation of the region in last the seven years.  (via. Houtlust)