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What’s really up with Bottled Water?

From Is America’s $8 Billion Bottled Water Industry a Fraud:

A 2001 World Wildlife Fund (WWF) study confirmed the widespread belief that consumers associate bottled water with social status and healthy living. Their perceptions trump their objectivity, because even some people who claim to have switched to bottled water “for the taste” can’t tell the difference: When Good Morning America conducted a taste test of its studio audience, New York City tap water was chosen as the heavy favorite over the oxygenated water 02, Poland Spring and Evian. Many of the “facts” that bottled water drinkers swear by are erroneous.

There is a LOT more where that came from in the very long article if you want to read it.

Basically here is a summary:
Bottled Water is no different then Tap Water!

Images to challenge and inspire for Earth Day

Earth Day is tomorrow and I don’t think enough people know or care about it. So I thought I’d drop a few pictures in that might inspire you a little.

(March 6) Greenpeace protests against bigger deforestation of the last years in the region of Santarém.

In a remote area of the forest, 120 km of Santarém, in Pará, inhabitants of communities in the region and Greenpeace had protested today against the deforestation. The group of 50 people travelled about 5 hours in precarious conditions arriving at an area of 1.650 hectares
totally devastated. There, the group opened a banner of 2.500 square meters with the message “100% Crime” and planted some trees. In accordance with the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Natural resources, this is the biggest deforestation of the region in last the seven years.  (via. Houtlust)


I can’t stop thinking that the ONLY reason that I run the water in the shower until it’s warm is for my own comfort and convenience. I’ve tried justifying it by insisting warm water cleans better. My only real excuse is that I’m afraid I’ll get hypothermia after a frigid bike to work. But when it comes down to it, It’s ONLY for convience and my own comfort.