I thought I’d inquiry my readership before I come to a decision on this.
I don’t spend an insane amount of time writing, but it would be nice to have some compensation. I currently have google adwords at and they result in a check every once in a while. I’ve been considering putting the ads on here as well.
All that would mean is the simple text ads in the side bar and sprinkled through out the post. Hopefully not too distracting to regular readers, but a good financial option for myself.

Is anyone horribly opposed to me putting ads on this site?

That being said, would anyone consider “subscribing” if I made a subscription type of posting series? I’m not sure how that would work. Maybe sponsorship would be a better term. Like a small donation every so often from my regular readers? I’m not sure about that because I personally don’t like paying for anything (problem I know).

Hoping to hear my readers thoughts.

3 thoughts on “ads?”

  1. Yeah, it’s a tough issue.

    But Let’s say a long term goal is to write full-time. I’ve got to pay the bills some how, and that seems like the easiest.
    But your right it doesn’t jive, I’ve struggled with that for quite a while.

    Thanks for your note.

  2. i do understand your point, and your dilemma… and it’s commendable that you are giving it serious thought rather than just going ahead…

    have you considered putting a “donate here” button on your blog/site?
    i’ve noticed some writers and artists have that on their site…
    that way you could look for funding without having to go through advertisers?

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