Relevant removes it’s incriminating Radiant Ad

Okay, so the title here is a little harsh, but you’ve got to wonder. I’m listening to the Radiant Podcast to say if they say anything about it. From what I can see they decided to remove the ad with “It’s Our Turn Now” across the top. I’d like to think it has something to do with the discussion that was started here regarding the sexist implications of that statement.
Radiant's new Ad
I emailed Cara and asked what she thought about my thoughts on it, but it doesn’t seem like she responded at all. It could be purely coincidence that the Ad has been changed, but that’s just a little suspicious. Oh well, I think it will remain a mystery.

UPDATE: Though I never got a direct response on the ad change, Cameron (Prez over at Relevant) did reply with some thoughtful comments on my Message Board post.

4 thoughts on “Relevant removes it’s incriminating Radiant Ad”

  1. This is Kyle from Relevant–I handle all of the sales and marketing. I normally don’t chime in on conversations like this because usually people like to rant about things they don’t understand and sometimes that’s okay. However, this is different.

    As Cameron mentioned, there isn’t any sexism intended or implied in Radiant. The ad copy, “It’s our turn now” simply was in response to the plethora of emails that we’ve received from our female RELEVANT readers asking for something different than RELEVANT. If that means that our response is sexists, then we should redefine sexism. We simply are meeting a need, not segregating men and women.

    Moreover the content in question will not be shallow. In fact, one of the other taglines is “life from the inside out.” Radiant is a magazine for women buy women with the sole purpose of meeting womans needs and issues. RELEVANT will not change.

    I hope this helps bring a little clarity on things. Feel free to contact me if you desire:

    Thanks for the honest feedback.
    Kyle Chowning
    Sales & Marketing Director

  2. Hi Ariah. our editorial assistant emailed me this link today. It’s the first I’ve seen of the thread. Just wanted to apologize for not returning your email. I don’t recall receiving it. That doesn’t mean I didn’t get it. I just have a hard time staying on top of it all sometimes. Please feel free to email me at anytime. I do endeavor to answer emails as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Please know this was an oversight.

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