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Fair Trade at the Supermarket Article 850 Words of Relevant Article
So I recently wrote an article for about Fair Trade. It’s evoked a bit of discussion in the comments section.

Sometime later today another article of mine should be posted concerning New Years Resolutions. What’s exciting about that article is that it was rewritten by one of the Relevant Editors and was featured as the main article on 850 Words of Relevant, Relevant’s Email Newsletter. I’m VERY excited about this as it means thousands of subscribers just had an article with my name on it emailed directly to them. You can’t buy that kind of promotion.

If you’ve come to this site after reading either of those articles, welcome. Please do take a moment and post a comment below, or drop me an email.

[Fair Trade at the Supermarket]

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  1. Ariah. That’s awesome. I read it in 850 Words. I have a question for you that is due to my ignorance about writing. What was the process of you and Jesse writing together? Was the article bounced back and forth between you guys? or was it done on the phone or what? Just wondering. Great job, and I look forward to reading more from you in 2006.

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