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Podcasting in the works

After a confusing hiatus from podcasting (or properly posting our podcast), we have an official show in the works.  I, Ariah, will be joined by my brilliant and funny co-host Zach Swee for what we hope will be a regular weekly podcast.

We are open to having the podcast cover a wide range of topics from technology to faith.  I hope that it will be entertaining for everyone that listens and also informative.  Right now I think we are blessed to have at least 1 known subscriber (made props to Scotty).  We hope that increases in the next couple weeks.

For now since you are one of the few who are getting the inside scoop, we could use your help.  We need a name for our podcast.  Zach mentioned one in a previous podcast, but we’d like to hear if you have any brilliant ideas.  We also need some input on our theme music.  Let us know if it’s good or ridiculous.

We leave you with a bonus podcast, this should hold you over till our next official one tomorrow:

Bonus podcast

Ariah and Zach’s First Official Podcast

That’s right folks this podcast has been dubbed “official” so tune in and tell us what you think.

Holiday shopping and other thoughts

Brief show notes:

  1. We talk briefly about holiday shopping and the consumerism of Christmas
  2. We get off on a Wikipedia tangent
  3. We talk briefly about church
  4. And then I plug this blog

Enjoy and please comment on our site with your feedback!

P.S. If you want to find other podcast by Zach and Ariah previous to this one hop over here.

Interviewing myself

Okay, so this might be weird but I’m gonna try it. I’ve been doing a bit of podcasting as you know and I’m always looking for things to spark a podcast. So, I have come up with the idea of interviewing myself. I say interviewing because I think that train of thought would create the most podcastable talk from me. The basic format will be like a job interview or something along those lines. The other reason for this is that It will help keep me answering questions with the three minutes that I can record on Odeo.
I’m sure I’ll be able to come up with a handful of beginning questions, but I’d sure like some help coming up with others.

Got a question? Send it my way.

Possible podcast in the works

You heard it first here. I might have found a co-host for a podcasting show. It’s my former roommate and good friend Zach Swee. Last year I tried to convince him podcasting was cool and was going to be big, but he wasn’t into it and we sort of missed our chance. But it looks like we might have a go at it. Below are two shows which I think you’ll enjoy. They are rough edits, and not the official beginning. Consider them our demo tape.

podcasting and other things. (about 40 minutes)

bonus cast: donating, pizza and grades (15 minutes)

14 feed subscribers and very little audio

the beginning of a daily audioblog

So, I’m realizing it takes a bit of work to post a podcast on any regular basis. You have to record the audio, save it as an mp3, upload the audio, wait for it to be uploaded, and then link to it in your post. A grueling process if you haven’t tried it (okay, it’s really not that tough).

But, I ran across audioblogger from google and found an EXTREMELY easy way to post a regular podcast. All I have to do is call in on my phone and…TADA! I have a podcast. The next thing on the list is to try the call in with three way calling so that I can interview somebody at the same time. That would be pretty sweet.

For folks here, I’ll be reposting ones that are relevant to my thoughts and ideas here. I’ll probably post a lot more podcast on that site:

For, now enjoy another little podcast.

Who should I interview?

So, I really like the idea of podcasting. I’ve done a few silly one’s but the themes vary a whole lot. There are a couple areas I’d be really interested in doing a podcasting series in, and I’m wondering what you’d think about them.
1) Interviewing Non-Christians about Christians and Christianity. This has always been an area I’m very interested in. One, because most Christians live in a bubble of sorts and never really hear “real live non-Christians” talk about things. Christians often seem to have opinions of the outside world made up entirely on what other Christians have told them (sounds so middle schoolish). Secondly, I’ve found there are a lot of Non-Christians that are quite interested in saying something to Christians collectively. I’ve talked to liberal non-Christians who can’t understand how Christians can name themselves after the radical liberal they see talked about in the Bible (Jesus). I’ve talked to homosexual non-Christians who just want to share how hurt they’ve been by so-called Christians, and ask how they can call their faith “loving.” I’d love to talk to others, and ideally give folks a constructive place to share heartfelt concerns and criticism of Christians in our society.

2. The other series I’d love to do is interviewing businesses and organizations I think are doing things Christians should support. This would include a whole bunch of fair trade clothing companies, something I think is Very important for Christians to be informed about. Also, CSA’s and other local farmers, and other cool organizations I learn about through out the country, or just through out Nashville.

3. Maybe just for podcasting and interviewing practice, I’ll do a series interviewing my friends, spread out across the country, and finding out what their post college experience has been like. (I like this as a starting idea).

On Simple Living and living “a dollar above” the poverty line

This podcast I brought a guest speaker in, Nate Manaen, all the way from Las Vegas (He joins us in the study, from inside my cellphone). The topic being discussed was originally brought about by some post Nate put on his Xanga a week ago. You can read his two post and some of the comments here: post 1, post 2.

Here is the podcast.

Please post your comments and thoughts below or on my xanga or Nate’s.

p.s. If your an audio junky, get the quality downloads here.