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Flashback: Interview with Justice Clothing Owner (podcast)

I’m going to link to the original post for this one, you’ll want to check out the audio and show notes from this interview.

I had the wonderful opportunity this morning of interviewing Eric Odier-Fink of The Justice Clothing Company. Eric graciously gave me a bit of his time to answer some questions about Justice Clothing, Sweatshops, Unions and Fair Trade.

Listen to the Interview and read the shownotes here. 

Marilyn Manson on the O’Reily Factor

I’m not really sure what you folks think of Marilyn Manson and his music, but ever since I saw him on Bowling for Columbine, I’ve been interested in what he has to say.
I also don’t know what you think about Bill O’Reily, but I was really impressed with his peaceful and respectful attitude in this interview.

All in all, I think this is worth seven minutes of your time. Especially if you work with kids or anyone else that might listen to Marilyn Manson’s music.

This is Really Our Country’s President?

I know this is an old video but I find it disturbing nonetheless.

Bush’s fear-mongering tactics are troublesome. It’s even more troublesome that he actually believes in what he’s doing, regardless of what countless polls and voices are telling him.

There is a lot to be said for this video: from the standing up interview full of intimidating fingerprinting to the avoiding of accusations of water boarding (torture). I just watched Road to Guantanamo the other night and seeing this sure lends evidence to how we got ourselves in this human rights violating state.

Any thoughts?

Interview with Adria : Coffee Lover Extraordinaire

After a morning hanging out with Adria and helping her get ready to do her own podcast I couldn’t let her go with out you getting a chance to hear a little from her and some of the things she’s interested in. I hope you enjoy Adria’s podcasting debut and stay tuned for links to her upcoming podcasts.

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  • Adria shares her thoughts on fair trade coffee and Bongo Java’s story.
  • You hear it hear first: Adria’s business venture
  • Adria has a long line of entrepenuers in her family

Read more of Adria’s Thoughts, writings, and soon to be Podcast: