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Video: Thoughts on Money

It’s YouTubesday again, which means will look at some videos. I’ve put five videos on the player below, all related to finances and the church. Here’s a quick rundown of what you have to watch below.

  1. Nooma – RICH 01:29
    To most people in the world, what we have would be more than enough. Maybe what we have is enough.
  2. Eight Dollar Hot Dog 04:25
    Are God’s children caring for one another? Pastor and author Chris Seay discusses the tension between eight dollar hot dogs and children dying every fifteen seconds because they lack access to clean water. Are God’s children caring for one another? [h.t. joe and people]
  3. THINK OF ME 04:04
    A movie that was presented by Franis Chan and his church Cornerstone. This is the reason they decided against a multi-million dollar church building to instead build an out-door amphitheater for church. The rest of the money was given to help feed the poor around the world. UNBELIEVABLE! [h.t. shlog and Jesusland]
  4. The African Dream: Ending Extreme Poverty 06:54
    This 7-minute short serves to promote awareness on Poverty in Africa – an issue of extreme importance that does not receive the mu This 7-minute short serves to promote awareness on Poverty in Africa – an issue of extreme importance that does not receive the much needed attention it deserves.
  5. Consumerism! The Musical 05:01
    A satire and celebration of the culture we live in.

Home At Last: Homes for the Homeless

Following up on the idea that: What the Homeless need is a home, there is a great video over at PBS that you should really check out.

The synopsis of Home At Last from PBS:

What will most help homeless people reenter the fabric of society? Some say the answer is right there in the question: a home. This week, NOW investigates a program that secures apartments for the long-term homeless, even if they haven’t kicked their bad habits. If you think that sounds crazy, think again. Advocates say this approach reduces costs, encourages self-help and counseling participation, and restores self-esteem.

It’s an interesting take, especially when you consider how much even the government spends on caring for the emergencies for people without a home (see Million-Dollar Murray).

I’ve spoken about this before, actually podcasted about basic rights in the world. I didn’t reference it but a source worth noting is the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, Article 25:

Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services,

Marilyn Manson on the O’Reily Factor

I’m not really sure what you folks think of Marilyn Manson and his music, but ever since I saw him on Bowling for Columbine, I’ve been interested in what he has to say.
I also don’t know what you think about Bill O’Reily, but I was really impressed with his peaceful and respectful attitude in this interview.

All in all, I think this is worth seven minutes of your time. Especially if you work with kids or anyone else that might listen to Marilyn Manson’s music.

Cotton’s Land: Disgraceful Treatment

Kevin Barbieux, known as TheHomelessGuy, has in the past year done a bit of video documenting in addition to his current blog.

The Video Post below is of Burnell Cotton who “is homeless and lives on the streets. He tells of being pelted with eggs by roving groups of non-homeless people.”

If you liked this post you can watch more of Burnell Cotton, and other Videos Kevin’s posted over at youtube.