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Video: Thoughts on Money

It’s YouTubesday again, which means will look at some videos. I’ve put five videos on the player below, all related to finances and the church. Here’s a quick rundown of what you have to watch below.

  1. Nooma – RICH 01:29
    To most people in the world, what we have would be more than enough. Maybe what we have is enough.
  2. Eight Dollar Hot Dog 04:25
    Are God’s children caring for one another? Pastor and author Chris Seay discusses the tension between eight dollar hot dogs and children dying every fifteen seconds because they lack access to clean water. Are God’s children caring for one another? [h.t. joe and people]
  3. THINK OF ME 04:04
    A movie that was presented by Franis Chan and his church Cornerstone. This is the reason they decided against a multi-million dollar church building to instead build an out-door amphitheater for church. The rest of the money was given to help feed the poor around the world. UNBELIEVABLE! [h.t. shlog and Jesusland]
  4. The African Dream: Ending Extreme Poverty 06:54
    This 7-minute short serves to promote awareness on Poverty in Africa – an issue of extreme importance that does not receive the mu This 7-minute short serves to promote awareness on Poverty in Africa – an issue of extreme importance that does not receive the much needed attention it deserves.
  5. Consumerism! The Musical 05:01
    A satire and celebration of the culture we live in.

Q Conference: A Qool Idea

My friend, Aaron Linne, went to this conference and has been blogging his notes about it for the last few weeks over on his blog, Life of Linne. I just thought the concept of the conference was pretty cool and worth repeating in other fields. I for example go to conferences and trainings each year as part of the requirements of on going training for my job. It’s a good thing to continue your education and training in any field, but if that’s the case we should have good quality conferences around. I have to admit most of the conferences I’ve gone to for work have been sub-par. The concept of the Q Conference seems cool to me. So I thought I’d just give a run down of it as I understood it.

Basically it’s a church conference for the leaders of the leaders (the elite if you will). The goal was to have an intimate setting, not a numbers, but a quality thing. I forget how many people they invited but the goal is to keep it small. Then they had about 20 different speakers. The kicker is that each person who presented only presented for 18 minutes. They had 18 minutes to boil down everything they wanted to convey into the meat and into an amount others could comprehend. I think that’s a great idea. There are far too many all day and multiple hour conferences and trainings that leave you with too much information to remember when you leave, and to vague an understanding to even be valuable. And then the speakers hung around so everyone could chat and talk and digest the stuff they’d been discussing all day.

That’s really about it. I just thought it was a brilliantly simple and cool way to format a conference and something that is worth repeating. Maybe I should write and give a 18 minute schpiel on everything I think is essential to be passed on to others. In an ambitious moment I thought it would be cool to create this kind of conference for people in my field. I think it’d be a really neat and fun thing to do and truly impacting to the youth that we serve. Well, speaking of, I’m off to another conference this week, here’s hoping it’s a good one.

Anyways, for those that are interested here’s a link to Aaron’s notes on the Q Conference.