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Where’d Ariah go?

Sorry folks, it’s been a busy time. Last week Mindy was on Spring Break and I didn’t have time to write much (though I was able to publish some of my drafts, so you didn’t notice). Then I surprised my friend Zach in Florida this weekend, so I wasn’t bored and sitting at my computer typing. And now I’m working nearly 12 hour days all week. I think this weekend I’ll have a chance to settle down but for now it’s just go go go.

In other news, today they are sending out the first issue of Excel magazine, in which my first two published in print (and paid) articles are in. I’m pretty excited about that. I’ll see if I can post the articles online for folks to read after it’s out.

More later, for now it’s time to bike to work.

P.S. I also got a crazy haircut by my students, if you want to look I upload a couple pics to flickr (look bottom right).