This is Really Our Country’s President?

I know this is an old video but I find it disturbing nonetheless.

Bush’s fear-mongering tactics are troublesome. It’s even more troublesome that he actually believes in what he’s doing, regardless of what countless polls and voices are telling him.

There is a lot to be said for this video: from the standing up interview full of intimidating fingerprinting to the avoiding of accusations of water boarding (torture). I just watched Road to Guantanamo the other night and seeing this sure lends evidence to how we got ourselves in this human rights violating state.

Any thoughts?

One thought on “This is Really Our Country’s President?”

  1. That was facinating. It was really interesting to see President Bush in an interview that long. Mostly all I hear are sound bites or speeches, but that was a conversation. He seemed stuck on the “within the law” thing, but it sounded from a part of it that that meant however he or his lawyers intrepeted the laws to be, and that if there’s a disagreement about if something’s lawful or not, that what the White House says matters. Also, the not wanting to talk about matters because “the enemy could adjust” seemed like a cop-out to me. Is that really the reason he doesn’t want to talk about it? Very interesting video. Thanks for posting it. Also, did anyone else notice how close they are standing to each other?? They were really close. That must have been awkward.

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