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Finally, Another Blog Redesign

Well, I had nothing in the brain to write for this week, zero posts lined up, so I went ahead and redesigned the whole website. I’ve been working on a few design projects and it inspired me to clean this site up as well. I’m hoping to utilize images a bit more as you’ll see if you go to the home page. Maybe this clean new design will entice some of you email and rss voyeurs to stop by every once in a while.

I think I kept the old design up for almost two years, which is impressive by my standards. I managed to write rather then procrastinate by dabbling in the look of the site. Hopefully this new look will remain for a few years to come as well.

I still have to clean up the sidebar and some of the other features of the site, but all web projects are always in progress. So that’s it for now, nothing fancy, just a note to say stop by and see what you think of the new look. (my secret wish is that this amazing new redesign will push my readership over 300… tell your friends)

I think I finally have asides working

It looks like I finally got these bad boys working. These little posts are called ‘asides’ and the only place you’ll find them is right here on the blog, they won’t be in your email subscriptions or rss, sorry. Basically they will give me the opportunity to post random thoughts, weblinks and more through out the day, without worrying about bombarding your inbox. They’ll be quite short in nature, so this one is a little odd. Following the post you’ll see a number in parenthesis (0), that’s the number of comments, click on it to read them. Then there is the # sign which is the link to the actual post if you want to send it to a friend or anything. And if your interested you can read all the asides here. much thanks to photomatt, for making it all possible.

New Look and new features…

Thanks everyone for taking a minute and filling out the survey. If you haven’t I would really appreciate it if you could.
There will obviously be a few glitches along the way but I wanted to try something different, a little more friendly and readable. Let me know your thoughts. I’ll try and continue to make it as useful as possible, but I didn’t want all the clutter. Let me know if anything about it is distracting also.

One new thing I wanted to point out is that for a limited time I’ve been featuring some quotes on the sidebar (on the left) of the frontpage. The quotes are provided by my brother, Keane, which he posts on a xanga. I’d strongly encourage you to check them out here or subscribe to his blog so you can read them each day. Keane seems to find the most fascinating and awe-inspiring quotes around. You probably would do well to just read Keane’s quotes, rather then spending time reading lot’s of entire books.

Also, like I said I’m no longer posting the daily podcast as a blog post. If you want to get it daily you can come to the frontpage of the blog and listen there. Or you can subscribe or visit My Odeo Podcast. I hope you keep listening and let me know if we need a forum for discussion on the podcast posts. Right now I’ve started a “Why?” series on the podcast trying to discuss my own answers as to “Why” I do certain things, from where I choose to live, to what I eat, to why I ride that funky bike. Let me know if you have any other why questions for me.

More writing to come, I just need some motivation…

Weekly Podcast Update 06.04.06

Now with some regularity:

Technical difficulties: Precondition Failed

So, the truth is I have not been too busy to write. Honestly I think letting myself go a day or two without writing got me out of the groove. I suddenly started thinking about what people would think about what I was writing, and if I was really a good enough writer to be doing this regularly.
I think I’m over it now.

But, excuse number to is this thing called Precondition Failed. Each time I mustered up the confidence to write I’d try to login and my own blog wouldn’t let me on cause it thought I was a robot (computer running through sites just to spam). I still can’t figure out why it did that.

Anyways, I was wondering if this happened to any of my regular readers as well? If so I’ll be sure to look into it. If not I’ll just go on about my business and start posting regularly again like I should have been all along.

my thoughts on the site currently

I’ve gone a good three months without spending too much time boring you with self-evaluation of how the site is going and things of that nature, so now the time has come again. Here is a list of things I’d like to share in no particular order.

  • Last month we were averaging well over 100 page views a day and nearly that many unique visitors. This is a definite increase and sign of new readership. Also, there are about 20+ current subscribers via email and RSS (according to feedburner) which is also a great increase.
  • According to my new stats tracker these are most popular posts this month:
    Most Popular Pages (by visits)
      Blog Page/Post Visits Comments
      Jesus and Immigrants: The Gosp… 108 0
      Journal of Christian Nursing I… 92 6
      5 Steps to Record a Skype Call… 78 1
      About ariah fine. 77 0
      free-will vs. predestination: … 57 2
  • As you can see my “About Ariah Fine” Page is one of the most popular, which made me realize I should probably spruce it up a little bit. I’ve added a few things but there’ll be more to come.
  • For the one or two people who don’t visit the site (use rss or email) I’ve added a little audio intro message on the sidebar, a myStatus section, a feature article spot, and one or two other things.
  • We officially have a Podcast Hotline that you can call and leave messages on (or if your interested, call and I’ll podcast with you). I’d LOVE to get some messages from those folks that read my blog, but I don’t know you at all. Please call and leave a message (don’t worry I won’t answer): (775) 370-6924 [first person to leave a message get’s a free t-shirt]
  • You’d be impressed by some of the google searches that this site shows up on the front page for:
    “geez magazine” Chicago
    Justice Clothing
    Radiant Magazine
    stores with sweatshops
    would take nothing for my journey now, maya angelou summaries
  • I think I’m getting ready to fix up the top banner on here to something more personal and significant.
  • Comments on my post have been lacking, which makes me anxious to try and write something fairly controversial. any ideas?
  • I’m unsure whether people are currently enjoying the one post a day thing, or if you would rather I write more?

That’s all I can think of at the moment, but I’m sure there is more that’ll come later.

Weekly Audio Summary

Download here.

This is the first of what I hope will be a regular weekly audio summary. I know there are a number of people out there who are more interested in listening to things rather then reading them. I’m going to try and sum up the things that I have written throughout the week in a short and concise audio summary. I’ll point out the comments that have been made a give a little of my reaction to them. Basically it’s just a chance to update our audio subscribers to what’s happening on the blog.