New Look and new features…

Thanks everyone for taking a minute and filling out the survey. If you haven’t I would really appreciate it if you could.
There will obviously be a few glitches along the way but I wanted to try something different, a little more friendly and readable. Let me know your thoughts. I’ll try and continue to make it as useful as possible, but I didn’t want all the clutter. Let me know if anything about it is distracting also.

One new thing I wanted to point out is that for a limited time I’ve been featuring some quotes on the sidebar (on the left) of the frontpage. The quotes are provided by my brother, Keane, which he posts on a xanga. I’d strongly encourage you to check them out here or subscribe to his blog so you can read them each day. Keane seems to find the most fascinating and awe-inspiring quotes around. You probably would do well to just read Keane’s quotes, rather then spending time reading lot’s of entire books.

Also, like I said I’m no longer posting the daily podcast as a blog post. If you want to get it daily you can come to the frontpage of the blog and listen there. Or you can subscribe or visit My Odeo Podcast. I hope you keep listening and let me know if we need a forum for discussion on the podcast posts. Right now I’ve started a “Why?” series on the podcast trying to discuss my own answers as to “Why” I do certain things, from where I choose to live, to what I eat, to why I ride that funky bike. Let me know if you have any other why questions for me.

More writing to come, I just need some motivation…

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