Finally, Another Blog Redesign

Well, I had nothing in the brain to write for this week, zero posts lined up, so I went ahead and redesigned the whole website. I’ve been working on a few design projects and it inspired me to clean this site up as well. I’m hoping to utilize images a bit more as you’ll see if you go to the home page. Maybe this clean new design will entice some of you email and rss voyeurs to stop by every once in a while.

I think I kept the old design up for almost two years, which is impressive by my standards. I managed to write rather then procrastinate by dabbling in the look of the site. Hopefully this new look will remain for a few years to come as well.

I still have to clean up the sidebar and some of the other features of the site, but all web projects are always in progress. So that’s it for now, nothing fancy, just a note to say stop by and see what you think of the new look. (my secret wish is that this amazing new redesign will push my readership over 300… tell your friends)

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