Youtubesday: Camilo, Louis CK, and Dancing Honey Bees

Some how ended up with this sweet song in our itunes, the lyrics sounded good so I looked up more info, here’s a great music video of the song, Camilo, by State Radio, about Camilo Ernesto Mejía

A funny comedian, Louis CK, on Conan discussing modern conveniences

And if stand-up isn’t your thing, you’ll definitely enjoy this BEE-Boy Video, seriously, watch this now.

(the website is actually about the disappearing Honey bee population, it’s sponsored by an ice cream company, but it’s at least a worthy topic)

3 thoughts on “Youtubesday: Camilo, Louis CK, and Dancing Honey Bees”

  1. Yeah, if you look on youtube that comedian has some other funny clips. He’s a bit crass (lot’s of swearing), but he has some ones on parenting that I thought were pretty funny.

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