Soulforce and Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)

This week Ariah and Zach come to you very clearly (maybe even from the same room). The topic conversations are on Soulforce and Socially Responsible Investing, to unrelated topics (though they both start with “S”) but a very interesting podcast nonetheless.

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Some Brief Shownotes:

  • Zach and Ariah share why they sound so clear on this podcast
  • We talk about Soulforce.
  • Particularly about the Freedom Ride to Wheaton.
  • Why’s all this so important to Christianity and us Wheaton alum?
  • Live phone call from last podcast’s Friend of the week!
  • Zach shares the Myth of the Week (it’s about an egg).
  • A brief discussion about Socially Responsible Investing.
  • Are SRI’s better then making lot’s of money and giving it to good causes?
  • Friend of the Week: ____ _______ (You’ll have to listen to find out.

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