You can’t really ignore Job…

I’m back at my Bible reading and I’m currently finishing up the book of Job, which is no easy task. Like I’ve mentioned before I’m reading through The Message translation (or paraphrase) which is a little easier on the noggin when your trying to read through the whole thing. Even at a good reading clip it’s gonna take a little while to get through Job.
Job is a very long book (by my calculations it’s the sixth longest book of the Bible behind: Psalms, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Genesis and Ezekiel). Given that it has to be the longest dialog in the entire Bible, going a good 40 chapters. And it’s pretty much an argument no less. It’s full of Job pleading his case to his friends and questioning and doubting the ways of God. Job’s friends aren’t really the best examples of comforters, but they do hang out for the discussion. I guess I just sit back after reading this book each day and think, “you know it’s okay for us to have questions.” I think we need to acknowledge that and allow other people that reassurance too.

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