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Killing Us Softly: A look at Sexist Media (a MUST watch)

Note: This is a 35 minute video about the media’s portrayal of women. It’s a very important and interesting film that you should take the time to watch. I don’t think it needs much further commenting, only that I would strongly recommend that you watch it.
Note: Keep in mind that this is about the dehumanizing and objectifying way the media portrays women, so it shows plenty of examples of that, proceed with caution.

Update: Media Education Foundation is now on youtube
I still found the full video on Google Videos.

Initial thoughts on the Da Vinci Code (the book)

The Da Vinci CodeI figured I could sneak in after all the hype and talk and get my hands on the Da Vinci Code to see what it was all about. I put it on hold at the library and it came surprisingly faster then expected. I’ve started in and I’m only a few chapters through, but I am already struck now by one of the major premises of the book. It seems the deep dark secret that is being kept has a lot to do with the elevation of the feminine and the fact that the church forced a patriarchal rule over society that was not originally there.
There are a lot of “facts” mentioned in the book that might or might not be true, but they are interesting nonetheless. I think, true or not, this book should at least challenge folks to think a little about the church and women.
If anything, I would hope the book and movie, and all the talks going on in churches and elsewhere are acknowledging that women have been oppressed and mistreated and put down in a way that is not Christian at all.

I say all that having only read a few chapters and I really have very little idea what turns the book will be taking later.

North Country

1 in 3 women is subject to abuse during her lifetime. This can and must end.

That statistic should shock us beyond belief. And the terrible thing is that we don’t talk about it; we rarely talk about it; and when we do we far too often place blame on the victim.

I’m going to start writing about this more, because I realized after watching this film, that though I have become aware of this issue and pay attention to it, I am not outspoken about it; and I NEED to be.

MEN: Go out tonight and rent this movie. Weep over the horrid ways we treat women, or silently acknowledge this mistreatment. Decide to learn, speak out, and love.

We must stand against the silence, we must educate ourselves, we must grow sensitive and build communities that lovingly embrace those who are victims, rather then look with a blaming eye. How do we become that loving community?