Killing Us Softly: A look at Sexist Media (a MUST watch)

Note: This is a 35 minute video about the media’s portrayal of women. It’s a very important and interesting film that you should take the time to watch. I don’t think it needs much further commenting, only that I would strongly recommend that you watch it.
Note: Keep in mind that this is about the dehumanizing and objectifying way the media portrays women, so it shows plenty of examples of that, proceed with caution.

Update: Media Education Foundation is now on youtube
I still found the full video on Google Videos.

6 thoughts on “Killing Us Softly: A look at Sexist Media (a MUST watch)”

  1. Here I am, Saturday night, ready to watch V For Vendetta after finishing my 90 minute walk to Blockbuster…and I’m watching this instead. Very interesting indeed. Thank you.

  2. So, what did you think of it? I’m sure there is much conversation to be had around the movie. Let me know when you have a chance to share your thoughts.

  3. It’s an excellent video. The demonstrations appropriately disgusted me. It’s further evidence for me that consumption/consumerism isn’t helpful on a million diffeent levels.

    It didn’t spur me into action, or move me to reevaluate any behaviors…which leaves me with not much else to say at this point.

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