North Country

1 in 3 women is subject to abuse during her lifetime. This can and must end.

That statistic should shock us beyond belief. And the terrible thing is that we don’t talk about it; we rarely talk about it; and when we do we far too often place blame on the victim.

I’m going to start writing about this more, because I realized after watching this film, that though I have become aware of this issue and pay attention to it, I am not outspoken about it; and I NEED to be.

MEN: Go out tonight and rent this movie. Weep over the horrid ways we treat women, or silently acknowledge this mistreatment. Decide to learn, speak out, and love.

We must stand against the silence, we must educate ourselves, we must grow sensitive and build communities that lovingly embrace those who are victims, rather then look with a blaming eye. How do we become that loving community?

4 thoughts on “North Country”

  1. Ariah,
    Great movie huh? I think that it brought up a lot of issues. Granted, we dont usually find things like this today to this extreme. however, if you come to China you would be in for a good shock. They are moving towards equality, but we have a long way to go as does the USA.

  2. I’d be very careful to say “we don’t usually find things like this today” because it will keep us from being aware of it occuring today. It STILL is occuring today in the US and China and many other places and we need to be aware, we need to vocalize that it is not right and we need to stand up and be a open and loving place to anyone who comes forth for help. The church and society has far to long put guilt on the victims of this abuse and that must stop.

  3. Thank you so much for bringing up this topic and being vocal about it. I am proud to be a woman who supports a man that supports all women through raising sensitivity and awareness around such an important topic!

    You are making a bold statement, and I appreciate it very much! Keep speaking out.

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