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New Look and an attempt at a blogroll…

So, I was getting annoyed by the last design of this blog. I like the features it adds to the posts, but I want to have more control of their design so we’re going with this for now and I’ll add in my own post tweaks later (if that made any sense at all).

I’ve also realized that people link to your site much like they use myspace and facebook. If you link to theirs they’ll link to yours, etc. So, I’d like to put some sort of blogroll on my site. The thing is I don’t like traditional list of links, I’d rather have one that is continually updated as people post. I’ve added one to the right sidebar, and I’d like to know what folks think. I’ll clean it up a bit, but do you like the preview text for each post? Do you want to know who wrote it? Is the date important? Let me know so I can make it what your interested in.

I get carried away sometimes I know.

Antsy update, Tagging, and finding noteworthy

I got antsy again and updated my blog layout. It looks mostly the same and I hope you enjoy that, but I had to update to the new K2 just cause I could.
I spent the last half hour updating the tags on my previous post, starting at number one and making it to number 61. I had to take a break there and I’ll do more another weekend. Hopefully it will make your browsing of the Tag Cloud below more enjoyable. At some point I’ll also try and condense the tags a bit also.

As I was doing the tagging I noticed a number of post I had written that had solicited a number of comments. Two series that got a lot of comments where: Consider Church and Thoughts on War. I’d recommend you read through some of those post and the comments because the comments are very insightful. Starting this week I’ll do my best to read through a couple of those post and comments and then try to respond to them. Let me know which ones your interested in.

I might change the layout of this page at some point, I hope my readers don’t mind, I’m sort of nutso like that.

Need a different banner

So, I’ve decided to stick with the ever cooler K2 default layout.  I really like the overall look.  K2 has definitly been a cool addition to my WordPress layout.  I’m sure it’s been a place of annoyance for many of you.
You’ve seen I’m sure that I’m an addict for tweaking things.  I stay up late into the night to add some cool new twist on a site, or elsewhere.  I probably should try to do this in moderation.

Anyways, what I’m looking for now is some suggestions for my banner up top.  I like the blue currently, but I’d really like to go for something different.  Maybe partly blue with a picture from my flickr account on the right, or maybe one of those cartoonized pictures of me, or something else.  Any suggestions send them my way.

A short break

sorry for the short break.

I was in Minnesota with my wife’s family for the weekend. It sort of took me a little while to get back on track after getting back to Nashville.

I then got a little carried away and decided to upgrade to WordPress 2.0, which I’m not sure if I like it just yet, it seems a little too bulky. I wish I could downgrade but it doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen.

So as you can see the layout looks a little different, and i’ll probably change it again soon. Sorry about the dust.

Performancing for Firefox

This is my first post from my cool new tool Performancing. 
Basically I’m writing in the bottom half of my firefox browser, like this:

What is so great about this is it makes it easy to blog about something from another website and easily view what you are writing and cut and paste as necessary.  It works for a number of different blogs so you might want to try it out. What’s great is that you can easily post the same post to three or four different blogs if you wanted to.

[performancing] via Lifehacker