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Antsy update, Tagging, and finding noteworthy

I got antsy again and updated my blog layout. It looks mostly the same and I hope you enjoy that, but I had to update to the new K2 just cause I could.
I spent the last half hour updating the tags on my previous post, starting at number one and making it to number 61. I had to take a break there and I’ll do more another weekend. Hopefully it will make your browsing of the Tag Cloud below more enjoyable. At some point I’ll also try and condense the tags a bit also.

As I was doing the tagging I noticed a number of post I had written that had solicited a number of comments. Two series that got a lot of comments where: Consider Church and Thoughts on War. I’d recommend you read through some of those post and the comments because the comments are very insightful. Starting this week I’ll do my best to read through a couple of those post and comments and then try to respond to them. Let me know which ones your interested in.

I might change the layout of this page at some point, I hope my readers don’t mind, I’m sort of nutso like that.

the importance of tags

I personally think TAGS are probably the single coolest invention of 2005. My desire in 2006 is for someone to make a program that would allow me to add tags to any and all files on my desktop. There are those who like our traditional file folder system, it’s a mirror of the sort of physical world that we live in. In other words, you take a paper or something and you put it into a file or drawer or somewhere. You can’t put it in three different places, only one place (unless it’s a paper and you make copies of it). Our computers mirror that. I have a file and unless I make a duplicate copy of it or a shortcut of it I can only put it in one folder on my desktop. I don’t like that.

That might explain why the desktop on my computer and at home are incredibly cluttered most of the time. I don’t like clicking through ten folders trying to find that file I was working with. I’d rather scan my eyes across the forth plus icons on my desktop until I see the one I’m looking for. Soon, the day will come that desktop search software (like google and MSN desktop search) will give you the ability to add tags to your files. Basically you can tag a file with whatever words best describe it (instead of putting it in the folder that best describes it). I could tag a random notepad file with: Blog, Writings, To Do, Books, and whatever else that file is related to. It would be the same as taking an object (say my keys) and putting them in my desk drawer, on the key hook, in my car, and in all my pants pockets at the sametime (think I’d lose them then?).

For now I’m trying to get the tagging features to work on my blog here. I’d like to have the tags listed so that you can click on the word and it will pull up all the entries I’ve tagged with that word. In addition, both to promote traffic and add a feature for you, I’d like to allow for you to click on a technorati link and see ALL the blogs that have mentioned that particular tag. The trick is getting everything to work the way we’d like it too.

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