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Geez Magazine and art

Geez has the look and style that immediately makes me think I’m missing something. It’s that artsy, reflective sort of feel that I have in the past called pretensious. The first six pages feature large, simple pictures with reflective phrases placed across them.

I’m a pretty matter of fact kind of guy. When I was twelve my parents took us to the Chicago Art institute to see the Monet exhibit. I had no idea who Monet was, but I was quite irritated that we had to wait in line for two hours before we got into the exhibit. Needless to say, fifty plus paintings of a haystack where thoroughly unimpressive to me and I found a nice bench to nap on at the end of the exhibit just twenty minutes after stepping into Monet’s exhibit. I didn’t no Monet, and unless his work was uniquely “cool” all on it’s own, I didn’t care much about it either. This thoroughly disappointed my mother.

Years later I caught wind that Professor Jeffery Thompson’s Art 101 class was a must take (it was also a required Gen Ed.). Just one week into it I called my mother and gave her the exciting news, “I like art!” Sadly, I can’t remember now what it was he said or did to change my thinking, but I had grown a definite appreciation for art and artist, and I excitedly entered the Art Insititute at the end of the semester to enjoy my new found appreciation. (I’d pay someone to get a hold of some thorough class notes, or better yet, a recording of Thompson’s class).

What does all this have to do with Geez magazine? Geez is artistic, it is not a straight to the point publication. The publishers of Geez are not pretensitious. They are reflective, they are humble, the do philosophize, and think deeply. I’ve subscribed to their magazine this year because I support their mission, I believe in what they are doing and I’m excited about what they have to share with our faith community. Thanks Geez.

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