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New Look and an attempt at a blogroll…

So, I was getting annoyed by the last design of this blog. I like the features it adds to the posts, but I want to have more control of their design so we’re going with this for now and I’ll add in my own post tweaks later (if that made any sense at all).

I’ve also realized that people link to your site much like they use myspace and facebook. If you link to theirs they’ll link to yours, etc. So, I’d like to put some sort of blogroll on my site. The thing is I don’t like traditional list of links, I’d rather have one that is continually updated as people post. I’ve added one to the right sidebar, and I’d like to know what folks think. I’ll clean it up a bit, but do you like the preview text for each post? Do you want to know who wrote it? Is the date important? Let me know so I can make it what your interested in.

I get carried away sometimes I know.