get a free iTunes song.

We were walking through the mall Saturday when we were waiting for our car to get fixed and I saw a sign at the GAP.

Now I’m not a fan of the GAP, to many rumors of sweatshops, but I’ll stick it to the man when I can.

They are offering a free iTunes song just for trying on a pair of jeans. I literally grabbed a pair walked into a dressing room, tried to put my leg in (they were way to small) and then I walked out and they gave me a card for a free iTune.

I don’t like spreading my secrets, but since many of the folks who read this live in different cities I’ll let you in on it.

My friend used to look through the recycling bins for Pepsi caps when they where giving away iTunes. I think trying on a pair of jeans is a better option.


One thought on “get a free iTunes song.”

  1. But Ariah, i got lots of free songs from those recycling bins. 🙂 but trying on a pair of jeans is equally good. i’m on it. peace.

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