Addressing Bredesen Directly

So if you didn’t notice the news yesterday or this morning there was some direct interaction between those raising concern about the TennCare cuts and Bredesen himself.

Somehow Bredesen was the keynote speaker at a convention about Health Care, as if he has the answer for everyone.

I joined others passing out flyers that gave some information about the other side of the story, things the folks at the convention didn’t hear from Bredesen’s lunch address.

If you haven’t seen the mainstream media’s look check it out:

The Tennessean has some photos.
Click on the video right below Bredesen’s photo

All this to say:

Please come to our Town Hall Meeting Tonight!

6:00 PM-7:30
Madison Public Library
610 Gallatin Pike

Hear the stories of TennCare recipients who have been cut from TennCare.

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  1. so i have a xanga… i noticed you said you have a xanga…what is it? i’d like to check it out…

    i came by here, from the relevant mag article. very cool! i enjoyed it.. i don’t usually read relevant. but i really liked it. i think i’ll suscribe to it.. anyways, happy bloggin’ and have a good weekend 🙂

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