So I’m just supposed to write on here?

I have a xanga. I started my blogging on a xanga because a lot of my friends where using it and I figured that was the place to be. The way I would post on there (and still do) is I tend to post just a few thoughts each couple days and I wait till enough people comment on the post before I post again.

Well, enough of that, this blog is for me. It can be for you too, and I apologize to those who subscribed to the email updates if you don’t want three or four a day. Seeing as I don’t have a job, I’m still randomly at home and have time to post more often.

So, let the true blogging begin.

p.s. and there WILL be spelling errors.

One thought on “So I’m just supposed to write on here?”

  1. yay for ariah! enjoy using this space for your own thoughts–i’m excited to hear what you’re thinking! :o)

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