Donkey’s for Christ? Let’s be honest here: A Podcast

This weekend Mindy participated in the Baccaluarate and Commencement at Wheaton College, her now alma mader.

The Baccaluarate message was titled: Donkey’s for Christ. The message was about Jesus riding in on a donkey on Palm Sunday. Basically the preacher was telling all these Wheaton College grads they where donkey’s for Christ. But when you think about it, college graduates from a presitigious school aren’t exactly ‘donkeys’ they’re more like throughbread stallions, so let’s quit with the fake humility.

Here’s Mindy and Ariah cooking and giving their thoughts on “Donkey’s for Christ.”

3 thoughts on “Donkey’s for Christ? Let’s be honest here: A Podcast”

  1. I agree even though I didnt listen to your podcast. It is such a farse to try and say that we are the humble leaders when we will most likely be leading the christian world rather than being at the bottom rung like a donkey.

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