Dr. Cornell West: Preaching at Saint Sabina

I’m listening to a sermon by Cornell West, courtesy of Logan. It’s quite amazing thus far, and I’m not even half way through. He’s saying some very good things. Here are my brief notes.

  • Coretta Scott King’s funeral was co-opted by the White House. People who where important parts of her life where uninvited to the funeral.
  • The imperialism of the United States is a Gangster mentality, and we should all be honest about that.
  • Our criticism of terrorist and yet our violent and aggressive war and torture and spying are very hypocritical.
  • 20% of children live in poverty in the richest nation in the world is injustice.

Cornell West
Interested now?

Listen to a Real Audio Recording of Dr. Cornel West> at Saint Sabina.

UPDATE: Cornell West St. Sabina.mp3

2 thoughts on “Dr. Cornell West: Preaching at Saint Sabina”

  1. AHHH! awesome. thanks ariah. I got to see him at st. sabina last year when I was in chitown. amazing!

  2. dr cornel is an industrial-strength can-opener for my mind.
    i ‘d appreciate getting an mp3 of his st sabina address. i could send back a few if interested.

    thanks! jp, downtown nyc

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