You Wouldn’t Believe What I almost Ate

It was a typical afternoon with the kiddos yesterday. I was scrambling to make dinner and clean the house while catering to their every need. Adyra wanted a piece of bread, which promptly meant Bret wanted one too. He remembered our PB&J from lunch and requested it again, which Adyra in turn requested as well. So, I’m smearing the Peanut Butter (creamy, sorry mom & dad), when Adyra comes over, arm outstretched, a little whiny.

Ironically, my children are a bit of clean freaks. Adyra’s never really liked finger painting or anything else that gets your hands icky, like getting peanut butter on them. Occasionally, when they are eating, they’ll stick their grubby hand out and I’ll wipe or grab and sometimes eat the yogurt or kiwi or food in question. So, when she sticks out her fingers yesterday, I naturally lean down to wipe them off, seeing the brown peanut butter substance. I’m getting ready to just lick it off my fingers when in a split second a smell hits my nostrils and I realize, Adyra’s Peanut Butter sandwich is still on the counter.

I almost ate my daughter’s poo! Now that’s disgusting. Apparently, and this is a first for her, she decided to stick her hand in the back of her diaper and check out the results. Why she neglected to tell me that when she innocently stuck them out there is beyond me, but fortunately that creamy nutty-colored poop stunk like the dickens, otherwise this story would have had a much worse ending.

7 thoughts on “You Wouldn’t Believe What I almost Ate”

  1. Jeremy & I are looking forward to our first baby in April. As this is my first time, but not my last time, reading your website I am so grateful that this post was my introduction. You have a great mind and an even prettier website!
    Also, I really want to be a stay at home mom- so your stay at home dad post was wonderful to think about- thank you!!

  2. OF COURSE! It was right there in the post, my parent's were right. Crunchy Peanut Butter is the way to go…
    Well, now that I think about it, that's probably even more likely to blend in with typical bowel movements. never mind.

  3. Anne,
    I was just looking through my old blog post and stumbled across your comment. I thought I'd replied to it a while ago but it doesn't look like I did. Definitely excited for you guys and the little one. Looking forward to connecting more. Peace.

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