On My Way to 10,000 Hours

Monday’s are my blog reading day, I go through all the posts in my reader and tag ones to come back to, skim most and respond to others. One post mentioned Gladwell’s book, Outliers, which I read last year and his premise that “Becoming a superstar takes about 10,000 hours of hard work.” And just like that, I decided I needed to start blogging again. I took a break earlier this summer to focus on a few other projects. Though I did concentrate my energy elsewhere, I still wasted enough time in the day to day that I could have been writing.

So, here I am, back with some daily posting. The reality is that I enjoy writing, if only because it helps me process my thoughts. I feel I frequently find myself saying that I’m not a very good writer, but that I tend to say things I don’t see being said. So, until someone comes around and starts saying these things more eluquently then I (which wouldn’t be hard), I’m going to keep saying them. And that’s true. At the same time, I find that each day that I write I’m slowly refining my craft and becoming a better writer. Maybe not great, but better.

It might not be till I’m fifty, but if I keep writing on a daily basis, I’ll hit my 10,000 hours of writing in plenty of time to share that skill with others afterward. Here’s to trucking toward 10,000.

5 thoughts on “On My Way to 10,000 Hours”

  1. here's to 10,000 hours of reading your delightful writing…& showing how it's done on the soccer field every sunday evening.

  2. One hour a day, seven days a week, for thirty years? Hmmm… I guess superstardom is not for me. But, you keep on truckin'!

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