Why I use Firefox

Based on some feedback on Firefox I thought I should give some insight into why it is so wonderful and the ways I use it.
I’ll just make a list of what and why:
1. Firefox. It’s just plain better then IE, and is way better at blocking ads (pop-ups etc).
2. Tabs are the coolest feature about firefox. Here’s a picture of what it looks like.
3. Tab mix makes tabs even cooler. Mainly I just use Tab undo incase I closed something I didn’t want to. It also remembers your session so you can close firefox and the next time you open it, you’ll have your 10 tabs open you where working on before.
4. I’m not a huge themes guy, but the one I have is minifox, basically cause I like a lot of screen space.
5. Another cool thing about Firefox is you can move all buttons onto the menu bar (so instead of two toolbars you have one)
6. Google Preview gives you a thumbnail image of the website next to the google search results
7. BugMeNot is a great tool to avoid compulsary registration, and firefox has a one click tool for it.
8. Customize Google adds a one-click search of other search engines as well as blocks google ads.
9. ForecastFox is a graphical weather update. I use this now cause it’s important when biking to and from work.
10. MenuX adds a bunch of cool toolbar buttons.
11. And now the coolest tool around, Greasemonkey. It does TONS of things. (people make “user scripts” for it)
12. This one adds a xanga rss link
13. This one allows scrolling zoom on googlemaps
14. And last but not least Platypus allows you to make your own scripts, removing ads, making clean printable pages, etc.

Okay, not a detailed explanation, but enjoy.

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