I have famous Devotional Thoughts

So, guess who is listed #22 on the google search for “devotional thoughts
Yours Truly.

I know that’s not saying much, but it does encourage me to write them, sorry I forgot all this week. But noboday said anything?!

So, tune in tomorrow for your next morning of Devotional Thoughts.

2 thoughts on “I have famous Devotional Thoughts”

  1. congrats!!

    keep writing. you inspire me to write and share rather than keep it to myself. to share in small ways.

    i’m having a problem viewing your xanga with my mac. and i can’t comment on your xanga with my pc. the comment box doesn’t show.

    so here i am… 🙂

  2. hey. so i figured out why i can’t comment. i tried your ad remover on my site and i couldn’t comment either. take the ad remover script out of the header section and put it in the web stats section. after i did that i could comment on my site. see if it works.

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