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note: I submitted my blog to NashvilleIsTalking.com a sweet blog run by a news station (actually by Brittney) that just blogs about bloggers in Nashville (Like me!). Which means:

My own welcome to Nashville about a month ago came right in the midst of the State cutting off TennCare (the state’s health care program) for hundreds of thousands of people. Not a very nice thing.

I’m not a politician or anything, but I guess I basically think that a humane and justice society would take care of it’s sick and dying members. And so as a vocal citizens in a democracy I’ve raised my voice and called for reform that would keep those in need receiving the care that they need.

Now my Nashville family, you might be thinking: “The system is corrupt anyways! I heard about this guy who lived in Alabama who was on TennCare and pocketing tons of money! My friend said she heard of a guy who just used his TennCare to get drugs to get high on. We don’t want people like this taking our money.”
and some of those things might be true.

But Here’s your opportunity: Come out to a Town Hall Meeting and hear the stories of actual TennCare members. Hear how these cuts have affected those who are sick and some who are dying in our midst. Hear their stories.

6PM to 7:30 PM
August 9, 2005

610 Gallatin Pike S.
Nashville, TN 37206
Get Directions to It…

*Sponsored by the Grassroots Organizing Committee and the Nashville Peace and Justice Center
615-321-9066 http://www.nashvillepeacejustice.org

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