Checking Amazon Prices

So I found a cool website the other day and had to tell you about it.
Basically it has a phone number you can call, and then enter the ISBN number of a book and it’ll tell you the price (new and used) on!
Some of the great uses for this would be: Checking prices of school books at the bookstore compared to online, Not spending impulsively when you browse at Borders, or Barnes and Noble, earning a little income buying books at garage sales (or dumpsters) and selling them online.

try it out.

3 thoughts on “Checking Amazon Prices”

  1. I just thought I’d helpfully point out that the title of this blog uses incorrect grammar. It should be “Thoughts on the Journey”, not “Thought’s on the Journey”.

  2. First of all, welcome to the Nashville Is Talking blogroll…:)

    And while I appreciate the ability to check prices on Amazon, sometimes I’m so dang impulsive I want the book RIGHT THEN so this may not help me that much…

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