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Blackback Theory and Anyone know CSS?

A friend, I think it was Sam, hooked me up with a neat link to a site that discusses green technology. I noticed a post about something I’d read about previously, and that was the impact that the color of websites has on the amount of energy we use while surfing the internet.
Rising Phoenix put together a pretty simple and sweet designed page to explain the problem. I’m an advocate for reducing the amount of energy we use, especially since we in the United States consume an ungodly amount already. Therefore, I feel some responsibility to change the way I’m currently consuming energy. Here’s my two step process.

  1. Downloaded Stylish for Firefox and then chose a black style theme for Google.
  2. I’d like to change my theme so it’s a darker background color with white text. I’d like to keep the current theme so it’s not too much of a change for my readers. But I need some CSS help from someone. The other option is to change to this theme.

Anyone else want to join me in the small choices matter energy saving campaign?

5 Minutes of Darkness

I just heard about this great idea that a group in France is trying to promote. Today, February 1st, the French Friends of the Earth, has asked:

everybody in France to shut down all lights at February 1 between 19h55 and 20h00 (Paris time). 5 minutes in the dark to call attention of citizens, media and decision makers to the wasting of energy and the urgency to pass to the action. 5 minutes of respite for planet: that isn’t a long time, that does not cost anything, and that will show to the Presidential candidates that climatic change is a subject which must weigh in the political debate.
Why February 1? The next day a meeting is planned of the intergovernmental group of experts on the evolution of climate (GIEC) of the United Nations. This event will take place in France. (from houtlust)

I think this is a brilliant, easy, statement making idea. I’m not sure of a date, but it would be really neat to promote, through the blogosphere and elsewhere, a national 5 Minutes of Darkness in the USA. Sending a message to our neighbors, the congress, presidential candidates and the UN that we too care about conserving energy, fuel and consumption.

Now if only we had a cool logo…

An Inconvenient Truth: It was stinking hot yesterday

Yesterday, I was driving around in a vehicle with no air conditioning at work, I then biked home in the sweltering heat, and was very excited to sit down in my cool air conditioned home. Sure is hot out there.

Mindy and I took off to go see the very talked about documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. We’d both already done our fair share of reading up on the subject, so the movie wasn’t shocking, but it was fairly scary when the reality of the timeline began to hit you.
Mindy and I left and discussed a little how we felt, and I shared that I was fairly apathetic to the idea that many people would change. I feel if anything most folks would be content to sit back and just see if what Al Gore shared in the film ends up being true or not.
Mindy was more hopeful. She pointed out that she really felt like people would listen and begin to try and make changes. They might not be drastic changes but every little bit helps. I realized Mindy’s right, and I need to take the “glass half-full” approach on this one and encourage others to see it and make some changes in their lives.

By the way, the movie is based on a presentation by Al Gore (it pretty much is the presentation) concerning global warming. It’s very informative and engaging enough that you won’t lose interest (there’s a reason it’s so popular).

Here’s how to get started: