5 Minutes of Darkness

I just heard about this great idea that a group in France is trying to promote. Today, February 1st, the French Friends of the Earth, has asked:

everybody in France to shut down all lights at February 1 between 19h55 and 20h00 (Paris time). 5 minutes in the dark to call attention of citizens, media and decision makers to the wasting of energy and the urgency to pass to the action. 5 minutes of respite for planet: that isn’t a long time, that does not cost anything, and that will show to the Presidential candidates that climatic change is a subject which must weigh in the political debate.
Why February 1? The next day a meeting is planned of the intergovernmental group of experts on the evolution of climate (GIEC) of the United Nations. This event will take place in France. (from houtlust)

I think this is a brilliant, easy, statement making idea. I’m not sure of a date, but it would be really neat to promote, through the blogosphere and elsewhere, a national 5 Minutes of Darkness in the USA. Sending a message to our neighbors, the congress, presidential candidates and the UN that we too care about conserving energy, fuel and consumption.

Now if only we had a cool logo…

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  1. According to Facebook, the 5 minutes of darkness is happening in the states from 7:55-8pm, local time. Not sure how many people will participate, but the Facebook group is huge if that is any indication.

  2. Thanks to Shandus and Christy for pointing out that there are folks doing this here in the states tomorrow.

    7:55-8:00pm I think is the time, Everyone turn out your lights!

  3. I am a French Catholic priest and I found your blog through the website of CNN.
    This ‘five minutes of darkness’ idea was more followed than anyone had planned in our country. And no publicity campaign at all was organized, just e-mails and ‘bouche a oreille’ (‘mouth to ear’!I don’t know the translation in American English!).
    According to the news this morning, about three million (5%)inhabitants of France had switched off their light and home appliances last night at 6.55 pm. It saved 800 megawatts of electricity, which equals the power burnt in a French city of 800 000 inhbts or produced by a nuclear reactor.
    I was with a little group of handicaped young people last night and it was a great opportunity for us to talk of energy savings, respect of the environment,and God’s Creation… only lighted by a flashlight.
    What about the States ? Was the idea followed ?
    It proves how powerful and efficient the population of a country – and tomorrow the whole world – can be when a little team or community put a good idea on internet.

  4. Well, I think it was just CNN’s search, not an article or anything. This event definitly showed how word of mouth with the technology we have today can bring about some great movements.

    Anyone think we can really bring about a big movement in the USA with a similar action? What about something like not driving for a day?

    Just brain storming here. Any ideas?

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