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YouTubesday: Banned Ads, Everyone Poops, and PPL

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A 30 second spot by adbusters that was rejected by broadcasters. It’s not mind blowing, but the fact is major networks refused to show it. What do you think about that?

Everyone Poops Trailer (ht)

Supposedly making fun of the Wild Things trailer

Check out this brief documentary piece about a very cool organization in the Twin Cities (ht)

This Is How It All Begins


Adbusters Magazine is awesome, this page is from their recent issue about ‘cool.’ I think they nail on the head one of my fears about raising my child in this consumeristic society with this little piece. The text at the bottom reads:

Even before your baby is born, a diaper arrives on your doorsteps, courtesy of Pampers. Once he opens his eyes, his childhood will be a whirlwind of logos and ads. School will be themed with endless commercials from sponsors. His heroes and role models will encourage him to buy products. By adolescence, he will have lost most of his original thoughts and emotions; he will look for cues from the marketers who have been with him from the beginning of his life to decide how he is to look, act and feel.

One might think this is a bit of an exaggeration, but I don’t think it is. I know my own life is telling of the influence of branding on me, and even when I try to avoid being ‘branded’ my choices are at the least affected by it (even if I’m purposefully choosing the opposite). Adbusters always gets me thinking on a different level then I generally consider. They call everything into question.

So, what is the solution for us parents and us as individuals fighting the system ourselves? Imagine a new system.
I think this quote, from another page of Adbusters issue on Cool nails it on the head…

“I want to live in a world where nothing is cool, where things actually are as they appear. That would be extraordinary. I want food and a living environment that are not part of some suit’s strategic vision. Cool has betrayed all of us. I want reality.” – Jessica Masse, Maine, USA

Social Commentary

I think I’m going to add a new section of posts to this blog. Anytime I think about a different section I wonder if I should be writing seperate blogs. Right now we have a sort of tech/web side and a Faith/Christianity side. Something I’d like to add a bit more on is social commentary. Basically what I mean by that is posting about things that are out there, be it things in the media, stores, trends, etc that it’s worth taking a step back and thinking about. I have a few blogs I go to for my own intake of social commentary, and you’ll probably see me referencing them quite a bit. Here’s the brief list and some explanations.

Angry Asian Man– A lot of what he writes about has to do with Hollywood and movies, but he also post “That’s racist!” posts providing insight into all kinds of things for sale, media coverage, and more that is racist, particularly towards Asians. Definitly one of the more insightful blogs I read.

(S)Hitlist- I’m not a fan of the title of the blog, nor the title of the magazine it comes from (Bitch), but I am a huge fan of their content. I’ll leave the title commentary aside and just say that this list is one of my favorites and I really wish they would post more. Needless to say I really like the things that they have to write and you can be sure I’ll be referencing post from here nearly as often as they come.

Also on the list are some sites and publications that provide a lot of insight, but not currently in the concise, regular blog form.

Sojo.net– Sojourners magazine is one of my absolute favorite. They are doing so much good in giving a voice to the large part of the Church that isn’t happy with the religious right. It’s always a pleasure to read their magazine.

Adbusters- Wonderful insight into our consumerist culture. Also not in blog form, but an amazing piece of art and literature.

Wittenburg Door– The only satirical Christian publication that I know of (think of a Christian Mad Magazine). (oh I should throw in Lark News too).

Geez Magazine– Also worth noting, I just got their first issue, so I’m sure I’ll have a lot to say about that soon.

I’m sure there are more I would add I just can’t think of right now. Stay tuned though and let me know what you think of my post.