Order Slave-Free Chocolate for Halloween

I’m not usually one to play the salesman role, nor am I one to plan much in advance. However, this year we managed to order some fair-trade (read: Slave Free) mini dark chocolate bars for Halloween. The deal is though that you have to buy in bulk, 888 bars of chocolate for $144, which evens out to 16 cents a bar. And you need to order right now so you have it in time for Halloween. Just do it now and then sell the candy to your friends and neighbors who probably haven’t run by the store to stock up on their trick-or-treat handouts either.

Order Here.

Read about child labor in the chocolate Industry here. and here. and here.

4 thoughts on “Order Slave-Free Chocolate for Halloween”

  1. Kind of splitting it, but we have plenty to pass around. We'll probably only need 120 pieces or so (that was my sister-in-laws guess). If you want some just let me know how much.
    I was thinking of maybe trying to sell some to folks at church in the fellowship hall on Sunday if not enough people want it before then.

  2. hey, i'm glad you posted this! it is just another reminder of the fact that so much of what we consume here has in some way exploited someone else or caused pain in their lives. Just because we don't know (or choose not to know about it) doesn't make us innocent. And chocolate is such a silly thing that you don't think about where it comes from.

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