Ariah’s Birthday Wishlist

If I’ve had an impact on your life, consider having an impact on someone elses

The one thing I think about each year when my birthday rolls around is whether or not my life (and the past year) has had a positive impact on those around me.
If I’ve had a positive impact on you let me know and consider doing something intentional to have a positive impact on others. I’ve listed 5 things that make up my birthday wishlist for this year. Consider doing one of them and then let me know about it (or not).

1. Become a mentor ( , Kinship, Bolder Options)
2. Eat Fair Trade chocolate or give up chocolate for a year.
3. Sponsor a child ( )
4. Take a person in need out to a nice dinner or hold a banquet for a larger group
5. Loan money to someone through

And if your not comfortable doing any of the things I listed pick something else: bike to work, donate blood, volunteer at a domestic abuse shelter, pay for the persons toll behind you, give all your money away, become an organ donor, adopt a child, give away your nicest coat and don’t buy a new one, smile.

(Via my Birthday Wishlist on Facebook Causes)

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