Newsweek huh?

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Okay, I’ll be honest the real reason I’m posting this is to see how Technorati works along with Newsweeks tracking of bloggers. Supposedly, When a blogger links to an article and writes about it there’ll be a link on the Newsweek site, so sorry if you had to hear that when your looking for my thoughts on the article!

So, Wheaton College gets the “Hottest Christian College” award. I mean, I went there and I felt I got a good education, so I don’t want to knock it too much. I guess maybe we are a lot better then some as far as Newsweeks standards go for a good college. I guess it just that as Christians I don’t think the world’s standards should be what we are focused on, but it seems like that is constantly what it is. We call ourselves the “Harvard of Christian Colleges,” we boast our #1 food service, we pride ourselves on being in the top tier of the US News and World Reports college listings, and every orientation is not complete till we hear the average GPA, SAT and ACT scores of the incoming freshman.

Okay, I’m done talking about Wheaton, I just wish our standards and our focus where on other then being prestigious in the world’s eyes.

One thought on “Newsweek huh?”

  1. Are we really striving for the recognition of the world, or are we just doing what we do as well as we can?

    I think if we were truly concerned with the recognition of the world, we would try to grow bigger still, get more money spent on research, and really push applications so we can turn down more people.

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