Google Talk, you knew it was coming

So in google’s continued attempt to take over the world (and if they do I don’t know if I’ll mind), they’ve just launched an Instant Messaging program called Google Talk.

I just downloaded it, but until some other people do the same we can’t really test it out. It has a talking feature, so with a microphone and speakers you can chat with probably just about anyone. This would be great to talk with friends overseas I bet.

I have been impressed with just about everything that google does. I know some people don’t like the ads that are based on your personal searches, etc. But I’d rather have those then big, bright banners that don’t relate at all to what I’m searching (for example, I am married, and I have no need for an online dating site).

Is anyone with me? IM me once you get it at (I guess that’s how you’d find me.

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