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The daily minutes have been fun to do, especially with Mindy by my side. However, doing them daily has caused me to neglect my writing, or rather replace it. I still want to try and post one podcast a day, but I will no longer be posting it as an entry on this blog.
That’s an important change for you email subscribers (most of you), if you want to hear the podcast you’ll need to stop by the blog and listen on the player on the sidebar. Hopefully you do, because I really enjoy the opportunity to share thoughts with you. The other change is that I’m going to try and stop doing them at night when we are tired. This means I might not have mindy with me in my future podcast. Hopefully that won’t be too traumatic for any of you and we’ll try and get her in more often then not.
I’ll probably be using the podcasting from my phone feature that the awesome folks at Evoca have available (and odeo is phasing out).

Be sure to subscribe to the podcast if you want to keep receiving notices of it:
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