YouTubesday: Worshipping the Consumerism Gods

So, even with the economy the way it is, consumer season is just around the corner. I’m always late at addressing this, and then tend to be hesitant to rain on people’s parade. Therefore, I’m trying to get an early start on addressing the consumerism’s bit. Here’s to great videos to start us off.

Advent Conspiracy is a great initiative to encourage churches to spend the holiday seasoning give rather then buying. This is a great promo.

The Story of Stuff has been around a little while, but now is a good time to watch it a fresh. Go check out the whole video and website at The Story of Stuff, or watch the video (Chapter by Chapter) below.

6 thoughts on “YouTubesday: Worshipping the Consumerism Gods”

  1. Couldn’t agree more. We started reducing last year and plant to continue this year. It’s pretty easy to do it in our family, but the extended family takes more time…Last year for the adult draw, we asked for donations only to charities. I think that got them thinking differently this year.

    Also, If you haven’t seen the mockumentary, “What Would Jesus Buy”…see it. Some of the behaviors of folks in there are eye-opening to say the least.

  2. Dabeanah,

    I haven’t but I’m looking forward to seeing What Would Jesus Buy. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. How did you find the site?


  3. In chapter one of video Annie says it’s the government’s job to take care of us…

    One word, HuH?

    This is in direct conflict with what my parents taught me growing up. To take of myself.

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